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I am a Toronto-based photographer, who has always felt a little more at ease looking at the world through my camera lens. 

From my first wedding, shot in 2001, I was hooked. After graduating from McGill University, and spending a year in Prague, I went on to study film and photography at Ryerson. I have turned a passion for photography, and a love of capturing special events and moments in people’s lives, into a happy little business. I treat my clients, as I would like to be treated. Each portrait session, each wedding, each client, is unique and special, and I love being a part of those special moments. I also love bossing people around and moving them about like human chess pieces to fit my esoteric camera compositions! (Just kidding. I’m only bossy when I have to keep people on schedule, but it’s the nicest kind of bossy, honest.) Otherwise, my clients might say I’m relaxed and very effective at relaxing my subjects around the camera. I capture moments in a natural, candid way and I try to make the whole experience a true pleasure


1. Can you describe your shooting style?

I approach wedding photography from a natural, photojournalistic point of view, but with a nice relaxed mix of formal photography. By standing back and capturing real organic moments, I want to tell a complete story of the day. Understandably, wedding couples miss so much of what happens around them while they are swept up in other things. My goal is to photograph as many precious moments as possible, so they can fully experience the wedding anew, from a fresh perspective.

2. How much should I spend on photography?

The general rule is 12-18% of your total wedding budget, but really, there are no rules. You can always find someone with a cheaper price, and someone with a completely outrageous quote. Technical competence should be the price of admission. Then you must consider style and more importantly, the rapport you have with the photographer. Remember that most of your money is spent on fleeting things like the venue, cake, flowers, food and beverage. When they are all gone, the pictures are the only thing that remain. So biased or not, I believe your wedding photos should have super-high priority.

3. Do you offer Wedding Packages?

Quick answer, yes. My rates are determined by number of hours required to properly cover your event. That said, every wedding is different and most couples will find it helpful to come in and discuss how they see the day unfolding. It gives me a better idea what is required, and I can give a more accurate quote. Also, if you know you want albums at the end of it, we can work out a package so you know exactly what you are going to spend. DO request a price list. It clearly outlines all the package options and what is included in each package.

4.  Do you shoot Black & White and Colour images?

I shoot with professional Nikon digital cameras. During the editing process, I determine whether shots would have more impact in colour or black and white. Advances in digital technology are such that I no longer shoot film, although for an additional $500-$1,000 handling fee I can still shoot it old-school if you are really partial to it.










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